The parish office is currently closed to walk-in traffic.  Call us at 360.573.3325 or email us at .



Rev. Thomas Belleque

360-573-3325 ext 105


      Pastoral Assistant for Adult Faith Formation and Liturgy
      Adolfo Carbajal

     360-573-3325 ext. 110 


    Pastoral Assistant for Administration
    Diane Helley

   360-573-3325 ext. 102

         Facilities Supervisor
         Chris Berg

       360-573-3325 ext.104


   Administrative Assistant
   Suyapa Morataya-Brislawn

   360-573-3325 ext. 103


Parish Receptionist
Jessica "Jessie" Sanchez Guzman

360-573-3325 ext. 103


Stewardship Coordinator
Deborah Bourque

360-573-3325 ext. 101


      Stewardship Assistant
      Mary Wynne

     360-573-3325 ext. 104


      Pastoral Assistant for Children’s Faith Formation/ Confirmation
      Bobbi Casanova

     360-573-3325 ext. 206


      Children’s Faith Formation Coordinator
      Rosann Francisco

     360-573-3325 ext. 106

          First Communion Coordinator-Spanish and Parish Maintenance
          Saul Soltero

        360-573-3325 ext. 209


Youth Ministry Coordinator
Andrew Hollands

360-573-3325 ext. 107


We welcome your call or email to any member of our parish staff. Or if you prefer, you may contact us using our online Contact Form.

OFFICE HOURS:       Monday-Friday                 by appointment 

OFFICE CLOSED:         To walk in traffic until further notice